What is Grymsdyke Farm?
Grymsdyke Farm is a research facility, fabrication workshop and living-working space for architects, artists, designers and those interested in materials and processes of making. Based in the village of Lacey Green in Buckinghamshire, we run workshops, seminars and residencies with the aim of exploring the essential connections between processes of design, making and place. Our practice involves building relationships with other individuals who share a similar enthusiasm for making. Through this communal and collaborative approach, the Farm is a place where people can exchange ideas, working methods, interests and expertise.

"With robots made from sausage-stuffers in the barn and follies in the fields, Grymsdyke Farm is the ideal place to experiment with new technologies and local materials."
Oliver Wainwright, The Guardian

Who are we?
Grymsdyke Farm was established by its director Dr. Guan Lee, a practicing architect and lecturer at the Royal College of Art, the Bartlett School of Architecture and the University of Westminster. As an experienced architect and educator, Dr. Lee's vision was to create a site in which practitioners and students can have the space and time to experiment with materials and design within a specific setting.

“The work we do here is really embedded in the place. It’s about a living, working practice that combines traditional materials and techniques with new technology."
Dr. Guan Lee, Director of Grymsdyke Farm

Many researchers, students and practitioners are engaged in the continued formation of Grymsdyke Farm, and images of their work can be seen on the Community and Gallery pages.