What we offer
The facilities at Grymsdyke Farm comprise a wood workshop and a 3 axis CNC digital fabrication facility (bed size 1500mmx3000mm), a casting studio, a ceramic studio, a metal working area, an industrial 6 axis robotic arm, laser cutter (bed size 900mmx1250mm) and a Zcorp 3D printer. As director, Guan Lee is responsible for the overall operation of the workshop. In addition to his own practice, Lee runs workshops at the Farm for his students at the Bartlett, RCA and University of Westminster whose work can be seen in the paddock and farm buildings around the site.

In addition to the workshop, we offer accommodation for up to 12 people, a communal kitchen and a large outdoor space comprising orchard, tennis court, paddock and vegetable garden.

If you are interested in accessing the workshop facilities at the Farm, or in our fabrication services, do contact us at grymsdykefarm@gmail.com