Callum Perry

In residence since 2013, Callum is based at Grymsdyke Farm as a designer, fabricator and technician. He is involved with a wide range of pursuits at Grymsdyke, from fabrication commissions, technical assistance to students, and personal design projects. His most prolific projects have included a metal sliding screen, blown glasswork, both completed as part of his Part 2 Master of Architecture at Westminster University, and more recently, the personal development of bespoke CNC plywood furniture.

The design and fabrication of the screen was undertaken and installed at Grymsdyke Farm, with the use of the local metal workshop in cutting and folding metal components, and 3d printed connections. Similarly the glasswork was created with a local glassblower, with all formwork developed using the CNC, casting and workshop facilities at Grymsdyke Farm.